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  • Polentagnocchi

    polenta gnocchi

    Stefan Jäckel


Polenta gnocchi

with green asparagus and truffle


by Stefan Jäckel

Polenta gnocchi


Mix all the ingredients and work into a smooth dough. Sprinkle the plate with a little flour or polenta. Shape the gnocchi dough into small balls by hand. Let shaped gnocchi steep in lightly simmering salted water for 10 min.

Champagne Beurre Blanc 

  • 20g butter
  • 50g mushrooms
  • 50g celery
  • 50g leek
  • 50g shallots
  • 2 sprigs tarragon
  • 1 floury potato
  • 10cl champagne
  • 200ml chicken or vegetable stock
  • 100ml cream
  • salt and pepper

Cut the mushrooms, celery, leek and shallots into small cubes and sauté in the butter until colourless. Deglaze with champagne and fill up with the stock. Cut the potato into small pieces and cook until soft. Strain everything through a fine sieve and then add the cream. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Before serving, froth the Champagne Beurre Blanc with ice-cold butter.

Green asparagus

  • 6 spears green asparagus 
  • salt

Cut off the bottom third of the asparagus. Peel the asparagus by approx. 3 cm and blanch in plenty of salted water for 3 min. and then rinse in iced water. Cut the asparagus into equal pieces and glaze in butter, together with a tablespoon of vegetable or chicken stock. 


Arrange everything nicely on the plate and pour the foamed Beurre Blanc over it so that you can still see the gnocchi. Decorate with the truffle and fresh garden herbs. - ENJOY!



The traditional Ticino product par excellence also comes from our farm: a unique wholemeal polenta. The maize - red, black, white and yellow - is not only cultivated here, but also ground in Ticino.


Stefan Jäckel

La Rôtisserie, Storchen Zürich
1 Michelin Star - 17 GaultMillau Points

Since 2019, Stefan Jäckel, together with Fredi Nussbaum has been providing culinary highlights directly on the banks of the Limmat. The reward was not long in coming - 17 Gault Millau points quickly followed, as well as the first Michelin star for La Rôtisserie. 

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