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The history of the properties belonging to The Living Circle goes back for hundreds of years. The first information on Storchen in Zurich dates 660 years ago, while Francesco Orelli fleeing persecution inflicted on the Protestants, in 1532 built a fortified house in the places where today on the Maggia River delta are the Castello del Sole and Terreni alla Maggia. The Anda and Franz-Bührle families have owned these properties, members of The Living Circle, for decades now and whether in the heart of Zurich directly on the Limmat, nestled in a private park on Lake Maggiore or on adjoining heights with breathtaking views - all members of The Living Circle have maintained a strong relationship with nature and offer their guests unmatched experiences.

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The Living Circle – is a hand-picked group of first-class hotels and restaurants in incomparably beautiful locations, run by dedicated hosts. Rice, vegetables, fruit and a whole array of exquisite products – including wine, of course – is whisked fresh from our own farms directly to your table. That is how we define luxury. That is The Living Circle – luxury fed by nature.