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On the private beach at the Castello del Sole, where friendly, tanned ragazzi in casual shorts serve cocktails directly to the loungers, doing nothing is a given. The fruity-cool drinks are shaken and stirred by the lovely Noemi. But why does her boss Samuele call her the cherry on the cake?

Samuele always greets "his" guests on the beach with the sentence...

Noemi:   “Benvenuti al paradiso del Castello del Sole — Welcome to paradise at the Castello del Sole.” Always cheerful, his jokes put you in a sunny mood even when there are clouds the sky. Many regulars have known him for a long time as he has worked in the hotel for over ten years. If time allows, he loves playing with the children. His job is much more than beach manager — his real talent is a solo entertainer. (laughs)


It is only Noemi's second season on the beach...

Samuele:   … no one here would want to be without her. She is not only highly professional, the guests and team really value her friendly nature. You could say: if we boys on the beach are the cake, Noemi is our cherry.


And if Samuele were a Cocktail...

Noemi:   …he’d be a Mai Tai. The rum represents his warm and happy nature, lime juice and triple sec his cheeky side, and the cocktail cherry that certain something that the guests really like about him. Not to forget the cocktail umbrella — that symbolizes his second home, the beach at the Castello del Sole


And Noemi?

Samuele:   ...something elegant: a sparkling Franciacorta suits her well.


You work behind the bar at La Spiaggia mixing delicious cocktails while Samuele …

Noemi:   … pushes pedalos into the water, helps guests into the boats or balances up to five cocktails on a tray between the loungers. That’s no mean feat because the beach is uneven and the tray small. To add to the challenge, he often finds a duck and her chicks waddling at his feet.


The beach team consists of four men and Noemi. She provides ...

Samuele:  ... something special and she gives the whole thing a feminine touch. A lady’s eye sees more than a man’s, that’s true both in every- day life and down here on our beach. In a nutshell: we create the chaos and she brings everything back into order.

Interview: Anina Rether


Noemi Marras, 31, was in charge at the buffet in the hotel for four years until she was hired by Samuele in 2017 for La Spiaggia’s beach team. Born in Sardinia, she says this is the most beautiful place she has ever worked.

Samuele Aloisi has worked at the Castello del Sole for more than ten years in various positions. In 2008 he took over the management of the beach. But the 32-year-old southern Italian rarely suffers from homesickness. After all, he has found a second family in the hotel team.

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