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  • Herr Anda 123

    A chat

    with Gratian Anda

  • Herr Anda 230

    A chat

    with Gratian Anda

For the past three years the Storchen Zurich has been a second home for Rebecca Falk: In August,
the 18-year-old finished training as a hotel professional.

She met Gratian Anda, who owns this traditional hotel, for a chat over an espresso.

Mr Anda, imagine we swapped roles, and I was managing director and hotel owner for a day: What advice would you give me?
The most important thing is to always be flexible, interested and open for new things.

And what would you look forward to in my job?
Being able to apply exactly the same principles at grassroots level.

You invest in airplanes and IT among other things. What do you find so fascinating about them?
It’s not so much the industry that interests me, but the idea. If I find it convincing, I am happy to contribute to shaping and developing it.

What does it take for a career like yours? 
Good fortune, motivation and curiosity.


What qualities do you look for in your staff? 
Loyalty, an enjoyment of work, commitment and healthy common sense.

What were your role models in the course of your career?  
Role models change at every stage of life. But basically I find it easier to know what I don’t want to be or become.

Let’s take a look at the future of the hotel industry — what will change in future? 
Luxury alone will not be enough; our guests want an experience. In that respect, The Living Circle has its finger firmly on the pulse. That’s why we want to strengthen the links between quality of life and closeness to nature in future.

And finally, what privilege do you value most in your position? 
That I can shape my agenda myself and be my own boss. Of course it is not always the case — there is no such thing as a life without constraints, and it probably would not be healthy if there was.

Bilder: Anna-Tina Eberhard

The Living Circle – is a hand-picked collection of first-class hotels and restaurants in incomparably beautiful locations, run by dedicated hosts. Rice, vegetables, fruit and a whole array of exquisite products – including wine, of course – is whisked fresh from our own farms directly to your table. That is how we define luxury. That is The Living Circle – luxury hotels fed by nature.