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Farm to table

Homemade products from Schlattgut farm above Herrliberg, for example. Or organic beef from Vermes in the Jura Mountains, served at Storchen Zurich as a burger, filet or smoked sausage. Not to forget indigenous grape varieties such as the Bondola, ripened under the sun in the Terreni alla Maggia and served with a paella in the fruit orchard at the Castello del Sole.
It all comes full circle in The Living Circle!

Paella Ticinese 


When chef Mattias Roock discovered a huge paella pan in the cellar of the Castello del Sole, he quickly created a dish to suit it: Paella Ticinese...


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The Living Circle

The Living Circle – is a hand-picked collection of first-class hotels and restaurants in incomparably beautiful locations, run by dedicated hosts. Rice, vegetables, fruit and a whole array of exquisite products – including wine, of course – is whisked fresh from our own farms directly to your table. That is how we define luxury. That is The Living Circle – luxury hotels fed by nature.